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Gorkhas may safely be denoted as nation of people, where different tribes forms a race and different races forms a nation. However, the Gorkhas are not a nation in physical terms. They are in fact the children of many countries where they play their parts as citizens diligently and faithfully. But as a cultural nation of races, they have their constituent elements spread across the world from the Magars, Khas, Gurungs, Limbus, Rais, Sharmas in Nepal and India to new generations of Malayan-Gorkhas, Singaporean Gorkhas and further more to Gorkhas in the Europe and the United States.

In recent times, however, researchers have added races and people who do not belong to the Gorkha fraternity. The communities that are not a race as yet but can be deemed to become a distinct sub-race in the future maintaining the essence of their parent race but moving towards becoming a new distinct self have been added to the category of Allied Ethnological Unit - deemed as a sub-race essentially of Gorkha stock but on an alternative evolutionary process.

Some of the Allied Ethnological Unit discussed are:

1. Malayan Gorkhas
2. Singaporean Gorkhas


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