Amar Bahadur Shrestha

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Amar Bahadur Shrestha's अमर बहादुर श्रेष्ठ formative years were spent in the beautiful environs of Darjeeling. He completed his schooling from St. Joseph’s College (North Point) after initial education at Bethany. He was always an avid reader and devoured books by Enid Blyton when very young. Blyton's stories about adventurous children perhaps had a hand at making him somewhat of an adventurer. Later, Alistair Maclean became his favorite author and he still considers Maclean to be one of the best storytellers of all time. By then, he had also discovered the joy of reading Sidney Sheldon’s spellbinding tales and the romping stories of Harold Robbins. In between, there were many other authors, including the likes of literary giants such as James Michener, Arthur Hailey, Fredrick Forsyth, Leon Uris and James Clavell.

By now, he had been fired up to become an author in his own right – an ambition he never tried to hide. After graduating from Darjeeling Government College with a Zoology Honors degree, he left for Nepal. However, he did not leave with only a well-rounded academic education, but also with a three-year training in Tae Kwon Do under revered Masters Daniel Russ Gurung and Puran Andrew Gurung. In Nepal, he joined a multinational pharmaceutical company and thus began a working journey that was to last almost two decades. But, work was not the only thing on his mind. In 1983, he represented Nepal, along with Deepraj Gurung and Dinesh Rai, at the 6th World Tae Kwon Do Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark. Earlier, while still in Darjeeling, he had represented first, the Darjeeling Tae Kwon Do Club in the Himalayan Tae Kwon Do Championships, and then represented West Bengal at the National Championships in Bangalore. His love for Tae Kwon Do led him to establish clubs in Biratnagar and Birgunj in Nepal where he imparted training to almost two hundred students, some of whom went on to represent Nepal in international competitions. In addition, under Master Shin Jae Kyun’s supervision, he assisted in training initial batches of the Nepal Police and the Nepal Army.

However, even with all this going on, he continued to write. His articles on a wide variety of subjects, including short stories, have been published (since early ‘90’s) in most of the reputed magazines and dailies of Nepal as well as in international magazines like the [Canadian World Traveler] and the e-magazine, Eloquent Stories. A political piece was also selected to be published in the Nepal Administrative Staff Journal. He is undoubtedly one of the most prolific writers of Nepal and the number of his published articles has crossed the 200 mark. He is also a regular contributor to online literary sites such as Redbubble, Helium, The Himalayan Beacon1, American Profile and American Chronicle (including California Chronicle, Florida Chronicle, Pennsylvania Chronicle, etc…). To cap it all, Mr. Shrestha also writes in the Nepali language and almost 40 of his articles have been published in Nepali dailies. Besides, the prolific writer is also a gifted poet and many of his poems have been published in leading dailies as well as on online poetry sites, including that of The Himalayan Beacon.

In between Tae Kwon Do, writing and work, Amar also got an opportunity to be the lead model in a multimedia advertising campaign of a premier tobacco company, which made him a very well known face, all across the country as well as in adjoining regions. As far as work was concerned, Mr. Shrestha, after his long stint with the pharmaceutical company, established his own pharmaceutical formulation plant in Birgunj. However, due to various factors, it had to be sold after five years. Then, he, along with Uday Sunder Shrestha and other friends, established ‘Spaces’ which soon became the leading Nepali magazine on Art, Architecture and Design. While working as Associate Editor and Marketing Manager of ‘Spaces’, he continued to write as a freelancer for other magazines and his writing talents have always been in high demand primarily because of his versatility and fine writing style. His first book, 'The Dark Mermaid' was released this year. Currently, he has two other books under publication with Pilgrim’s Publishing (Kathmandu and Varanasi).

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