Ava Art Gallery

Situated about 4 km from the Market Square and on the National Highway, Ava Art Gallery was established in 1965 by the Late. Bhopal Rao Sett and Ava Devi. It is the only Art Gallery of its kind in the Hills. A collection of 60 pieces of art work in water, oil and thread paintings are displayed in the Gallery.

Visitors can travel on foot to get to the Gallery or simply hire a taxi. No entrance fees are charged.
Shrubbery Nightingale Park

Once a private ‘courtyard’ of Sir Thomas Tartan’s bungalow ‘The Shrubbery’, the property was left to be developed as a public park after the complete destruction of the bungalow in the earthquake of 1934.
The shrubbery park in the beginning was a popular resort for the British women who gossiped drinking ‘Darjeeling Tea’. The park then in the fifties and sixties became hot-spot for Bollywood and Tollywood Film shootings. Neglected during the 80s the park has recently been extensively re-developed and now comprises of a giant Statue of Lord Shiva, a temple, and provisions for live-interactive entertainment. A musical fountain is also a major attraction of the park today.

The best time to visit the park is in the evenings. Entrance fee is charged and nominal charges for photography may also be required to be made by the visitor.

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