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Barun Roy बरुन् रोय्

Barun Roy बरुन् रोय् (born November 4, 1977) Barun Roy is a prolific Indian author, journalist, blogger and online activist and entrepreneur. He has authored eleven books, including three bestsellers. He indulges both in prose and poems and fiction and non-fiction. His fictions range from Short Story collections to Novels are engaging and refreshing. He has also written on numerous controversial issues and has at times indulged in analytical works on conflicts and insurgency especially in North Eastern India including Bengal. He is also a historian and his book titled Fallen Cicada – The Unwritten History of Darjeeling Hills was highly rated by the national and international literary community. The highlights of Roy’s literary work has been: Sunset Dreams – A novel featured by American Literary Review, Fallen Cicada – the Unwritten History of Darjeeling Hills, a bestseller, and Dream Flowers, a collection of contemporary poems, critically acclaimed by readers’ world wide. His two books in Journalism have also been very well received by readers and Journalism enthusiasts. The books are Beginners Guide to Journalism and Modern Student Journalism.

A playwright and a theatre director in his own right, Barun Roy has authored and directed more than five award winning plays. Divine Comedy has been the most successful of his plays so far.

Barun Roy is also a respected journalist and has been associated with numerous publications. He began his career in Mass Communication as a cub reporter for Mylapore Times. His first post was that of a sub editor for Evening Madras. He has till date edited The Himalayan Beacon, Moksha, This Week, Darjeeling Times among other respected news magazines, newspapers and journals. He also contributes regularly to Business World, Business Standard, India Today, Indian Express, The Hindu, The Telegraph, Independent and Ground Report. He presently owns and operates The Himalayan Beacon, an online news blog popularly known as Beacon Online. Beacon Online has a readership of more than 420,000 per day and is the fastest growing news blog in India. It is ranked 180,000 in the world in more than 57 million news blogs world wide. Technorati has predicted an ‘under 10,000’ global rating for Beacon Online with a year and Top hundred rating in India. A recent addition to Beacon Online, is Gorkhapedia, an online encyclopedia that any one can edit .

An avid traveler, Barun has traveled through most parts of India, Nepal, Russia, Kenya, Rwanda, Zaire, Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa among many other countries. During his travel he has worked as journalist reporting on the ethnic cleansing in Rwanda, taught computers to School and College Children in South Africa and even operated as a computer networking professional during the Chechen Civil War at Groznyy.

Barun Roy is presently, Faculty in Charge, Department of Mass Communication, Southfield College, Darjeeling. He is also Founder and Director of New Media Foundation . An avid blogger, writer, traveler, academician, scholar, historian and a humanist Barun Roy was awarded ‘The Super Intellectual’ Award by Indian Management Council, New Delhi in 1999 and ‘The Outstanding Personality of the Year 1998’ by Management Studies Promotion Institute, New Delhi.. Indo Anglican Writers Association awarded Barun Roy with the ‘Upcoming Writer’ of the Year Award in 2001. He was also awarded the ‘Best Playwright and Director’ for Divine Comedy at Brunswick Theatre Festival in 2003.


1. Portraits of Life – A Collection of Short Stories
2. Words, just words – A Collection of Couplets
3. Beginners Guide to Journalism
4. Divine Comedy
5. Slim and Smart Body
6. Heritage Darjeeling
7. Pratyask – A Collection of Short Stories in Nepali
8. Vedas - Revisted
9. Dream Flowers – A Collection of Contemporary Poetry
10. Sunset Dreams - A Novel
11. Fallen Cicada – Unwritten History of Darjeeling Hills


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