Bengal Liberation Army

The Bengal Liberation Army is an organisation working towards the creation of an independant West Bengal, a separate homeland for the Bengali Hindus. The objectives and demands of the BLA include the following:

The restoration of a sovereign and independent West Bengal, as has existed for several centuries prior to the advent of the British.
The holding of a plebiscite in West Bengal to determine whether the Bengali people wish to remain within the Indian Union under a distant and non-caring Indian Union or not. The Bengali people were not asked whether they wished to join the Indian Union in 1947; it is hence imperative that this long overdue plebiscite be conducted now.
The setting up of a Bengali parliament and the holding of elections in West Bengal to determine the leaders of independant West Bengal.
The cessation of the incredible looting and pillaging of West Bengal by the corrupt and criminal New Delhi government. This can only be achieved by means of the establishment of an independant West Bengal in control of its own financial resources.

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