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Art is the expression of human consciousness. It is a ray of light. Art is the truth. It is an opinion, too. Art is the transformation of beauty existing in human life and nature. Ability of artistic expression is the gift of god and nature. It is a talent.

B.K. Nar Bahadur is a similar creative genius. When he paints a mountain, it all feel cool. When he paints the Buddha, everyone experience the serenity and tranquility. Moreover, when he creates experimental painting s, his artistic vision soars into farther highlights. On top of all that, on one can remain unimpressed by his disciplined way of life, and his polite congeniality.

I believe his life and paintings provides rich details about B.K. Nar Bahadur. And I have a deep conviction that all within and beyond the field of art will enjoy by his paintings.

Dr. Laya Mainali

Art writer / Professor

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