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The Story of Darjeeling - Basant B. Lama (2008)

The Gurkhas - Byron Farwell. Allen Lane (London), 1984

Gurkha: the illustrated history of an elite fighting force - Christopher Chant. Blandford Press (Dorset), 1985.

Gurkhas at War: In Their Own Words: The Gurkha Experience 1939 to the Present

Britain's Brigade of Gurkhas - E.D. Smith. Leo Cooper/Secker & Warburg (London), 1973 [updated 1982].

Valour: a history of the Gurkhas - E.D. Smith. Spellmount (Staplehurst, Kent), 1997.

In Gurkha Company - Lt. Col. J.P. Cross, OBE. Arms & Armour Press (London), 1986

My Dear Walter : Observations of a Gurkha Officer 1937-43 - R.W. Morland-Hughes. Quiller Press (London), 1987.

English for Gurkha Soldiers (Angreji Sikne Postak) - anonymous. H.M. Stationery Office (Stockport), n.d. [post-1947].
GORKHA-Lieutenant-General Sir Francis Tuker-The Story of the Gurkhas of Nepal. 319pp. Index. 31 b/w photographs and a folding map. 1957 First edition, Constable.

A CHILD AT ARMS. - Patrick Davis,
Echoes of War. 264pp. 6 maps. In Burma with the 4/8th Gurkha Rifles. A much-praised memoir. Fine in edge-worn dw. 1970 First edition, Hutchinson.

A HISTORY OF THE 4th PRINCE OF WALES OWN GURKHA RIFLES-Macdonell, Ranald and Macaulay, Marcus-In 2 vols. 433 and 247pp. Index. 11 folding maps in rear pocket. 28 b/w plates. 18 sketch-maps in the text. Appendices with list of colonels and notes on 309 officers. Very good indeed in very good dws. A little slack but an exceptional set. Some very light pencil annotations. 1940 First edition, William Blackwood..

JOHNNY GURKHA- E.D Smith,Friends in the Hills. 176pp. 25 b/w photographs. A history. The author served for 36 years with the Gurkhas ultimately commanding a regiment. Fine in fine dw. 1985 First edition, Leo Cooper.

GURKHAS. - Sandro Tucci.
160pp. 4to. Superb colour photographs. Brief text. Fine in fine dw. 1985 First edition, Hamish Hamilton.
THE GURKHAS-, W.Brook and Morris, C.J.Northey.
Their Manners, Customs and Country. 282pp. Index. 69 photographs. Folding map. Very good. A nice, clean copy. 1928 First, John Lane.

THE MOUNTAIN KINGDOM- Colonel Bruce Niven,
Volume 2 The Gurkhas and their Homeland. 110pp. 4to. Colour photographs with brief texts. Fine in fine dw. 2001 First edition, Niven.

HIRED TO KILL. - John Morris,
Some Chapters of Autobiography. 272pp. Index. Stories of 1924 Everest expedition and Frontier service with the Gurkhas. Very good indeed in very good dw with one short tear. 1960 First edition, Hart-Davis

WINTER IN NEPAL. - John Morris,
Index. 46 photographs. Bibliography. Travel and Gurkha life in 1960 by pre-war Everester. Very good. 1963 Second impression, Hart-Davis.

A PRIDE OF GURKHAS.-, Harold and Shiel-Small, Denis James.
2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkhas (The Sirmoor Rifles) 1948-1971. 274pp. Index. 30 b/w photographs. Endpaper maps. Service in Malaya and Borneo. Fine in fine dw. 1975 First edition, Leo Cooper.

THE GURKHAS. -Harold and Shiel-Small, Denis James.
291pp. Index. 37 plates and 6 maps. Ex-public library copy. Well-read in worn dw. 1965 First
Macdonald .

BUGLES AND A TIGER. -John Masters,
A Personal Adventure. 335pp. First volume of autobiography. Pre-war service on the Frontier as a Gurkha subaltern. Very good in very good dw. 1956 First edition, Michael Joseph.

Britain and the Gurkhas. 480pp. Index. 4 maps. 37 b/w photographs. Fine in fine dw. 1999 Second impression, Granta.

The Gurkhas-John Parker,
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