Christianity in Pakistan

Christians (Urdu: عیسائی) make up 1.6% of Pakistan's population, about 2.8 million people out of a total population. They are the second-largest religious minority community in Pakistan. The majority of the Pakistani Christian communities is constituted by converts from the low caste Hindus from Punjab region, from the British colonial era. The community is geographically spread throughout the Punjab province, whilst its presence in the rest of the provinces is mostly confined to the urban centers. There is a Roman Catholic community in Karachi which was established by Goan and Tamil migrants when Karachi's infrastructure was being developed by the British during colonial administration between World War I and World War II.

Meanwhile there are few Protestant groups conducting missions in Pakistan. The Day by Day Christian Ministries which is based in the Philippines is operating a school in Karachi, though most of its members there converted outside the country due to restrictions at home.

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