Community Portal

Gorkhapedia Community is made up of people from every rung of the society. This Community Portal is dedicated to them. It involves their profile, their contribution, editing history, discussion by and on them and so on. If you are a member of Gorkhapedia Community and do not have your name included here please do feel free to put up your name at the comments forum by creating 'discuss' button.

Names are in alphabetical order:

  1. Jyoti Thapa Mani
  2. Shital Pradhan
  3. Dipak Shrestha
  4. Anant Dhamala
  5. Prashant Pradhan
  6. Dushyant Thapa
  7. Jyoti Mukhia
  8. Pranavesh Pradhan
  9. Nanda Kirati Dewan
  10. Ridhima
  11. Eysian
  12. Soulpower
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