Darjeeling Railway Station

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Darjeeling Railway Station is situated at the outskirts of Darjeeling Town. It is divided into two sections by the National Highway 55. An engine shed which forms the first section is situated immediately below the St. Columba's Church. The engine shed has the capacity to offer shelter to five Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Engines. During the Moonsoon of 2007, a landslide tore apart the front section of the shed pouring mud over the tracks. No repair has so far has been carried out even after 18 months of the landslide1(as on 11 October 2008).

Across the National Highway 55 is the main building of Darjeeling Railway Station. The Railway station consists of carriage shed, two platforms, administrative offices, and the travellers lounge.The travellers lounge is attached to the ticketing and information sections.There is a bookstore and a tourist information booth in the travellers lounge. The two storied building which incorporates the administrative offices and the travellers lounge has a restaurant on the first floor.

The main building which was essentially a wooden structure during its inception is now a concrete block. A tablet declaring the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway as a UNESCO World Heritage site is found nearthe entrance from the town side of the station.

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darjeeling-railway-station.gif National Highway 55 separating the Engine Shed and Railway Station. Photo by Barun Roy

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