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Dehra Dun is yet another bastion of the Gorkhas. As i know from my forefathers.Many many years back even before the Britishers came in there was a prinicipality under a Nepal in the so called terai region. Its King was a Thapa. The place gets its pride in history as it was here that — as my forefathers (from Indian and British Army tell me) — the Britishers got the taste of the Gorkha might. When the Britishers were in thier conquering spree expanding North pushing Nepal's boundary. It was here in Raipur area of Dehra Dun which was a jungle that time and under Nepal, that the All Mighty Queens ARmy faced a defeat - for the first time in outside Europe. And that too at the hands of a handful of brave and gutsy Thapa warriors. IF FACT, ANYBODY HAVING DOUBTS CAN STILL VISIT A RAIPUR, DEHRA DUN -where the column still stands — declaring the first defeat of the Britishers.

This was the beginning of the induction of Gorakha Brigade in the Queen's army which till today finds a pride of place. The Queen was so impressed and embarassed by the defaet of her noble solderies at the hand of a few gritty anf fearless Gorkha warriors that she immeditaely sent out an order to have a special brigade of Gorkhas.

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