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cprm-flag-new.gif Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists Red background with Communist hammer and sickle and green circular band
gorkha-janmukti-morcha-flag.gif Gorkha Janmukti Morcha [Gorkha People's Liberation Front] The green at the top symbolize the prosperity with knowledge of brightness, the white symbolizes peace and purity as Himalaya, and the golden yellow symbolizes the spirituality and pride of Khukuri.
cpim-flag.jpg Communist Party of India Marxist Red background with Communist hammer and sickle
sikkim-democratic-front-fla.gif Sikkim Democratic Party Three equal horizontal stripes of dark blue-yellow-red
kingdom-of-sikkim.gif Kingdom of Sikkim White with a red border all round, and a yellow Chakra (fimbriated in red) in the center. The Chakra [is] a Buddhist symbol representing the Law of Dharma, or eternal change." The Chakra on the flag of Sikkim is different then the one on India's flag. It has eight spokes rather than the many spokes on India's, and has an ornate "nub" on the wheel at the head of each spoke.
bhutanese-flag1.gif Kingdom of Bhutan Dark yellow and Red Back ground cut diagonally in equal halves with the Thunder Dragon diagonally aligned
flag-of-nepal1.gif Republic of Nepal The national flag of Nepal is the only national flag in the world that is not a quadrilateral. The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants from different branches of the previous rulers, the Rana dynasty. Its crimson red is the color of the rhododendron, the country's national flower. Red is also the sign of victory in war. The blue border is the color of peace.
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