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Welcome to the Getting Started Section of

If you are new here please go through the following before you start editing at is a wiki styled 'free for all to edit encyclopedia' site. It chronicles and documents everything that is of relevance to Gorkha Life.

The site is remarkable user friendly and the moment you enter the site by typing you will be confronted with a simple interface which will help you in every way to navigate the site.


Once has been loaded on your screen you will find that the interface has been divided into two sections:

1. Search

2. Create a new topic

Since Gorkhapedia is an encyclopedia it cannot show articles on the first page simply because they are too many of them. Gorkhapedia also offers contents but still due to the sheer number of articles, searching through contents may not be very effective, hence, if you are searching for a specific topic you can simply type the 'search string' on the box next to Search and get the relevant answer.

However, on the other hand you intend to create pages on specific topics, you can simply give the heading of the same in the box next to the 'Create a new topic' command and create a new page. You can also create a new page with a topic headline only if while search for a specific topic, you do not find it.

The rest of the Gorkhapedia page shows the following:

1. The 5 Most Recently Created Articles
2. The 5 Most Edited Articles
3. The 5 Most Recent forum Comment Posts
4. Apply for Membership at Gorkhapedia - Its Free!
5. Gorkhapedia's Most Frequently Asked Questions
6. Gorkhapedia's Gold Star of Merit for Articles

You can visit the following sections for more information and guidance:

1. Frequently Asked Questions
2. Help
3. Wiki Syntax

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