Gorkha Sansar

The Gorkha Sansar was a ground-breaking effort of a Nepali intellectual, Thakur Chandan Singh. Singh was the son-in-law of the deposed Commander in Chief of Nepal, General Khadga Shumshere. General Khadga was exiled to Palpa, in western Nepal, by his elder brother, Maharaja Bir. General Khadga later fled to British India and was interned in present-day Madhya Pradesh with the help of the British Indian Government. As a son-in-law of an exile, Thakur Chandan Singh was also listed as a rebel by the Nepal Court.

The Gorkha Sansar focused on the upliftment of the Nepali Gurkha diaspora community in specific, and the residents of Nepal in general. The paper was banned inside Nepal but remained a popular (and in fact the only) medium of expression for the diaspora community.

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