Gorkhas in Business and Commerce

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Category Business and Commerce

1. Nagendra Sharma (Kurseong) : Became Commercial Director of Royal Nepal Airlines in 1967 and late also became Executive Chairman of Gorkhapatra Sansathan which publishes Rising Nepal and Gorkhapatra.He was also appointed director of Information, government of Nepal during the coronation of late king Birendra.

2. Ambica Shrestha (Kalimpong): Owner of famous Dwarikas Hotel in kathmandu and also the chairman of Himal Media.

3. P.K Dong (Kurseong): Was the Head of India Tourism - Europe and after retirement Executive Director Sikkim Tourism.

4. K.B. Rai(Kurseong): Deputy Director of State Bank of India - Headed the Bank’s operations in Sikkim, Andaman and West-Bengal. Foremost banker of the hills.

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