Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party

Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party is a separatist political party in Jammu Kashmir founded by its chairman, Hashim Qureshi in 1994 Hashim Qureshi Formation of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party. According to its website the JKDLP is conducting a non-violent struggle for the realization of its principles and ideals and strives to establish unity with patriotic and nationalist parties of Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir in order to launch a joint struggle for the freedom and prosperous social order in the entire State of Jammu Kashmir .

Aims and objectives

The party's foundation is based on the following aims and objectives .

The only solution of Jammu and Kashmir problem is of creating the independent and self ruled State of Jammu and Kashmir State.
The State of Jammu and Kashmir is geographically and politically one unit and indivisible. No part of this State is constitutionally or legally a part of any country.
The state of Jammu and Kashmir encompasses all those territories that formed it part on August 14, 1947.
Kashmir issue is not a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. The party does not recognize the resolution of January 4, 1949 of the United Nations that had been accepted by the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan after some modification. The party also does not recognize Simla Agreement because these agreements did not provide unconditional right of self-determination to the people living in the State.
No person elected to the legislative assembly, no region of the State, no person or political leader or a foreign country enjoys the right to take any decision about any part of the state. The five units of the State, namely, Jammu, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley, Gilgit Baltistan and Poonch can elect their representatives and decide among themselves the nature of relationship they would like to have among the federating units on the basis of majority vote.
The interpretation of “azaadi” is that the forcible occupation of the State is to be resisted by the people of all the five units of the State by organizing civil disobedience movement and demonstration of public power based on the principle of non-violence and through democratic process. The State is to be liberated from occupational forces and a society based on the concept of peoples power is to be established in which:
1.Every man and woman will have the freedom to pursue his or her economic, religious and political beliefs
2.The governing system will be based on the principles of democratic justice and non-communal equality and tolerance
3.The state will be responsible for providing the people their basic needs, education, sustenance and medical facilities
4.No person belonging to the State will be forcibly deprived of his right to life and residence on the basis of his religious beliefs, ethnicity, caste, creed or language
5.Education will be compulsory until Matriculation and child labour will be forbidden.
Any person who has been forced out of the State from 1947 until the attainment of freedom will have the legal right to return to the State and adopt permanent residence. This would include the legal descendants of the people belonging to the State. The State shall be bound to provide legal and financial help to such people.
All the five units of the State of Jammu and Kashmir can enjoy internal autonomy and shall continue links with the central institutions of the State on the basis of free will, tolerance and justice.
The freedom struggle of the State of Jammu and Kashmir is a national liberation struggle. By describing it a religion-based movement means the division of the State. The party considers the freedom struggle in the State as people’s struggle for freedom against the foreign occupants and in contravention of international principles. By people of the State we mean different nationalities living in the State.
Patriotism means faithfulness towards one’s country, towards its people, towards the history and culture of the community and safety and security of its borders and preservation of its sovereignty. Anybody or any party rejecting the internationally accepted interpretation of patriotism is not a patriot from the party’s point of view.
The people of the State have been fragmented into three different parts as a result of a division thrust on them. The result is that there is hardly a working relationship worth the name among the three units. The party will launch an organized effort to establish just and healthy relations among all the people of all the three units of the State with the purpose of struggling against the occupational forces.
The party believes in the welfare of the women of the State and their participation in the national movement and developmental plans as unavoidable. It believes in the protection and preservation of the basic rights of the women. It believes in bringing awareness among them through the spread of education. Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party firmly believes in freedom, democracy and unity of the State.

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