Natural History Museum - Darjeeling

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The Natural History Museum came into being in its present form in 1915 when it was suggested by Lord Carmichael, himself an enthusiastic botanist and entomologist.

The Museum is airy and well-lit; containing a very comprehensive collection of the fauna of the district with special reference to Eastern Himalayan fauna and particularly worth mentioning is the Butterfly and Beetle collection. One of the outstanding features of the Museum is the extreme life-like poses of its specimens, feeding, hunting and playing. The specimens are all displayed in attractive and true-to-life positions as possible. The prize exhibit of the museum is its tiger, set in a fierce crouch against a vivid background of the Terai.

Entrance is free for students and a nominal fee is charged for taking indoor photographs. The museum is a 5 minutes walk from the Chowrasta and is just below the Gorkha Ranga Manch.

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