Origin of the word Gorkha and its trace backs

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Origin of the word Gorkha in modern days trace back to the Gorkha district of Nepal from where the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah started the unification of Nepal. Back in History Gorkha district is said to have got its name from Gorakhnath (a sadhu for hindus and fakir for muslims). So this page is intended to collect all kind of informations that relates each other and is intresting too..(i have been gathering information on Gorakhnath, his new dimension of thoughts including religious and its interrelation or representation in the modern world.

  1. A old myth "One night Great king Prithvi Narayan Shah had a dream in which Guru Gorakhnath offered a bowl of curd to him, which he by mistakenly dropped few drops in his legs. So Guru Gorakhnath said,"every land that you could step will be yours".
  2. Gorakhnath is regarded as disciple of Macchindranath(8-9th century) but few old scripts suggest his existence during 6th century. some believe that he is one of the mahasiddha(nath) that can live without time and can come back to earth in time of need. Adinath is another name of Shiva.
  3. In mahabharat Gorakhnath gave grains of Barley to Kunti and Gandhari(both were infertile) so both got their fertility and gave birth to Pandavas and Kauravas.


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