Pakistan and Indonesia relations

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During the Indonesian National Revolution, Muhammad Ali Jinnah encouraged Muslim soldiers serving in British Indian army to join hands with Indonesians against their fight against the Dutch Empire colonisation of Indonesia. As a result 600-Muslim soldiers of the British Indian Army deserted the colonial forces putting their lot at stake, allied with Indonesians. Out of these 600 soldiers, 500 of them died in war; while the remaining returned to Pakistan or continued to live in Indonesia. As a recognition of Muslim soldiers from Pakistan, during Indonesia Golden Jubilee celebration on August 17, 1995, Indonesia grants Independence War Awards to the living ex Pakistan soldiers and awarded the highest honor Adipura to the Founding Father of Pakistan Mohammad All Jinnah and the Government of Pakistan.

Pakistan's relationship with Indonesia greatly developed under Gen Ayub Khan. During the 1965 war with India, Indonesia offered to provide Pakistan with military help, and 'to seize Andaman and Nicobar Islands' of India so as to distract it from the Kashmir front.

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