Pakistan and Oman relations

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The relations between Oman and Pakistan are excellent close, warm, brotherly, cordial and deep. Relations between Pakistan and Oman are characterized by friendliness, cooperation and common perception over regional and international issues. Both countries are members of UN, OIC and NAM.

Oman has an embassy in Islamabad and a Consulate-General in Karachi, whereas Pakistan has an embassy in Muscat.

Oman is the nearest Arab country to Pakistan. 30% of Omanis are of Balochi origin from Pakistan's Balochistan province, having settled in Oman over a hundred years ago. Gwadar was formerly part of Oman but was sold to Pakistan on 8 September 1958. It was integrated within Balochistan on 1 July 1977 and became a full sub-division of the Gwadar District.

The bilateral trade between the Oman and Pakistan has reached $331 million. Both countries have agreed that the accords on defence cooperation, business sectors, labour and manpower, in their final stages are needed to be finalized. Pakistan-Oman Joint Investment Company has also been established in order to enhance trade between Oman and Pakistan. The two countries had been collaborating since long in their defence sectors, particularly air and naval forces and are in the process of inking an agreement to give it a final shape that would also include procurement of defence related equipment. Both increased defence cooperation between their armed forces, defence procurement, joint exercises, training and exchange of defence delegations.

There are over 85,000 Pakistani immigrants resident in Oman.

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