Pakistan and Tajikistan relations

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Pakistan–Tajikistan relations are the foreign relations between Pakistan and Tajikistan. Relations date back when both nations were part of the Persian Empire at one time, so much to an extent that both are Sunni and the countries have the same cultural traditions in common especially because of deep Turanian and Persian influences in the two countries. between the two states were established when the republic of Tajikistan became independent following the collapse of the USSR. Trade and cooperation has steadily grown between the two nations, with several summits being held on how to improve trade between the two nations. Although relations between the two countries had been strained by the situation in Afghanistan which shares a border with both countries. In March 2008 Said Saidbaig, the Tajik Ambassador, announced that his country would be able to export cheap electricity to Pakistan and Iran.

There are at least 1.2 million Tajiks living in Pakistan. Tajiks have historically, travelled to the region of Pakistan as technocrats, bureaucrats, soldiers, traders, scientists, architects, teachers, theologians and Sufis during the Islamic Sultanates and Mughal Empire and settled permanently. There are many shrines doted throughout Pakistan in honour of noted Tajik noblemen. Many Pakistanis claim Tajik ancestry. In recent years, many Tajiks from Tajikistan have also settled in Pakistan due to the economic conditions prevalent in their home country, many have settled in the northern city of Ishkuman. In 1979, with the invasion by the Soviet Union of Afghanistan, a large number of Tajik refugees from that country came and settled throughout Pakistan. Exact numbers are difficult to ascertain as many don't have official identity cards or are counted as being Chitrali or Gilgiti in official census figures.[citation needed] There also large number of Tajiks from Afghanistan that have settled in Pakistan permenanently. Many Tajiks refugees from Tajikistan lived in Pakistan and some of them returned to Tajikistan.

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