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Cateogory Flowering Plant
Allied Category Food Product


i) Philingey ii) Philinge iii) Jhuse Til

Philingey is the seed of the following flowering plant. It is used to make 'hot pickle paste' locally known as 'aachar':

Guizotia abyssinica (L. f.) Cass., ; Dict. Sci. Nat. 59: 248 (1829).
भुmसे तिल Jhuse til (Nep.)

Verbesina sativa Roxb. ex Sims

West: PSW 584 & 5716. Cent.: SSW 4223, 7649 & 8717; Suehiro 16; Namba 925003. East: Stainton 1492 & 1517; Williams 1080; TI 6306274 (cult.) & 6306275.
900-1900 m; A native of tropical Africa, cultivated in India and Himalaya.

Philingey seeds


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