Prithvi Narayan Shah

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Prithvi Narayan Shah, King of Nepal (1723 - 1775 A.D.; Nepali: पृथ्वी नारायण शाह) Nara Bhupal Shah was in the throne Gorkha since 1716 and using the thrown seat made from Clay. He feels uneasy to use the seat. He was eager to conquer the Kathmandu Valley in order to use the seat made from silver. For the purpose he uses many marital relations but was unable to conquer. Later he changes the policy. In 1732 he sends a 10 year old son Prithivi narayan shah with a letter to the King of Bhaktapur requesting for the education to his son. The main intention of the king is to spay. The king of Bhaktapur treated him as respectable guest and allows playing with his children. Prithivi Narayan is eager to remember most of the incidents and returned after 5 years. He remembers each and every fact about the military position on the Valley. From his analysis he assume he can conquer Nakwa(Nuwakot) easily and in the same year he attacked Nakwa. The assumption of the small prince is failed or the misjudged of the king they were defeated badly by the Mallas. After then each and every rainy season he tried to snatch the richness part of valley but failed each effort. Each year last days of Bhadra month set for attack but fail each year and continue till 1764. After then he sends a peace letter to Kathmandu valley and treated by Mallas as gesture of peace. But the gesture is for the preparation of next war and tactics was released by Mallas only when the northern road was blocked. Next thing that give tension for Mallas was the blessing of new weapons and money from unknown external source to Gorkha king.

The reason for the New weapons and money to Gorkha king by British at that time is kept secret till now. The secret treaty is kept as archive in London east India Company. The treaty was signed by captain Ceane and representative from Gorkha. According to the treaty English government provides the necessary weapons and advices and Gorkha have to block the link road for business between India and China. Business with Mallas collect 30 % wealth by Mughals. Main intension of the English government is to snatch the wealth.

Victory over Kantipur,Lalitpur and Bhaktapur:

According to the treaty Gorkha government got 800 muskets and 21 advisers. According to the advices and using new muskets in 1766 Gorkha attacked Kirtipur. Kirtipur was defeated and 66 % of the people from Kirtipur were massacred. The person survived from the massacre were taken to a place and cut their noses. The palce is so far called “ Nhaye madu thayen” ( Place without nose). After then mallas released that time is too bad. The king Jaya prakash malla from yen (Kathmandu) sent a letter describing the situation and requested for the help. East India Company sent 15 members on the leadership of a drunkard captain Kinloch. When they reached nearby the Valley they pretended that they were beaten by Gorkhali. It was just conspiracy psychological war fare against the Mallas. Jaya prakash malla only way is to depend on the god. Then he order fellow citizens in 1768 to celebrate indrajatra festival. In 13 September 1768 is the main day of celebration most of fellow citizens were drunken as most of festivals. They released the attacked from Gorkhas when the procession of the indrajatra was in progress. They were attacked suddenly and Jaya prakash was also unable to know about the attack. He escaped the attack with his two queens to yela( Patan). Prithivi Narayan Move to the chariot of the god and shouted Now I am the king and you can drink as you like. The people were terrorized by sword on their neck and ask to accept the new king. The people have no alternate than to accept the king. Same year he conquer yela (Patan). Now mallas had only small area of Khwop (bhaktapur). The palace area of khwopa is tightly secured area surrounded by fort around it. Gorkha was unable to attack the fort. Then he got advice from English adviser to block the area. The food supply is running out one night some person opens an entrance, then all of the Malla king were captured. King from yen(Kathmandu) Jaya prakash Mall suicide, two eyes of Ranajita Malla pierced. The third king from yela(Patan) was dump on a pit with a small hole. As he was not giving any information as asked later the survival hole was also closed. Later captain Cean advice prithivie Narayan Shah Nepalese ( So called at that time only fro the kathamndu Valley) people are to be engage only with their work as they are skillful, strong and wise never try to rise into politics. Only method is to suppressed them Prithivi Narayan follow the advices of Cean and suppressed the people of Kathmandu by force using different ways. During suppression within the year 1766, 2500 people from Kathmandu were massacred.

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