Ruttie Jinnah and Darjeeling

Ruttie loved Darjeeling as much as she loved music and poetry. While in Darjeeling she met Mohammed Ali Jinnah and fell in the love with him. They later married in Mumbai only to return back once again to Darjeeling to spend their honeymoon.

The above remarkable photo of the ravishingly beautiful Ruttie bears marks of 'scratching' by a jealous Lady Willingdon, the then Bombay Governor's wife. Evidently no one could better Ruttie's grace and beauty. Jinnah upon seeing this photo and learning that it was vandalised by Lady Willingdon never again set foot at the Bombay Governor's House.

Here Ruttie wears a low cut European dress. She was Pharsi and Jinnah a Westernised Muslim. Jinnah founded Pakistan and became the nation'sfirst President.


Ruttenbai Petit Jinnah 1900-1929
Ruttie died in 1929 aged 29 years due to overdose of painkillers. She was fighting Cancer and the estrangement of her husband Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

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