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Category Flowering plant
Allied Category Food product

Siltimbuŗ is the seed of the following flowering plant. It is used to make 'hot pickle paste' locally known as 'aachar':

  • Litsea cubeba (Lour.) Pers., ; Syn. Pl. 2, 1: 4 (1806).

सिलटिमुर Sil timur (Nep.)

Known species

Actinodaphne citrata (Blume) Hayata
Benzoin cubeba (Lour.) Hatus.
Daphnidium cubeba (Lour.) Nees
Lindera aromatica Brandis
Lindera dielsii Lev.
Litsea citrata Blume
Litsea dielsii (Lev.) Lev.
Litsea kingii Hook. f.
Persea cubeba (Lour.) Spreng.
Tetranthera citrata (Blume) Nees
Tetranthera cubeba (Lour.) Kostel.
Tetranthera polyantha Wall. ex Nees

Cent.: SSW 6478. East: TI 6306908 & 6306915.
Found in 1000-2700 m; Himalaya (Nepal to Bhutan), Assam, Burma, Indo-China, Java, China, Taiwan.


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