Lal Bahadur Pradhan

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The credit of being the first Police Officer of Sikkim Police goes to Lall Bahadur Pradhan of Pacheykhani in East Sikkim. He joined the then Sikkim Durbar service in the Police establishment as the first trained and qualified Police Officer in the rank of Sub-Inspector and headed the organisation. An individual with military spirit, he served the Durbar with his hard and dedicated work with efficiency and intelligence for a short period of 8 years. The second son of Taksaari Chandrabir Pradhan, he was born in 1888. He had his early education in Gangtok. After completing schooling at Gangtok he joined Scottish Universities Missionary Institute at Kalimpong where he studied upto class IX. He was then selected by Claude White, the then Political Officer of Sikkim to serve in the Political Office in Gangtok. At the time of joining office he was only 14 years age. He served the Political Office for seven years.

When the administration was transferred under the direct control of H.H. Thutob Namgyal, Maharaja of Sikkim, the need for a qualified police officer was felt. The Maharaja requested the political officers for the selection of an able person and on his recommendation the Maharaja specially selected Lall Bahadur Pradhan, for the Police Officer training in Ranchi for a year long course in the year 1909. On the completion of training with distinction, he was deputed for field training in Darjeeling for a period of 6 months. It was after this he joined the Durbar Service. As a highly disciplined and Namgyal, Maharaja of Sikkim, efficient officer, Lall Bahadur the need for a qualified police Pradhan earned the appreciation of and respect from his superiors, subordinates and the public. In a span of 8 years he laid the foundation of a modern Police department.

Due to pressing family matters and the responsibility of looking after his estates, Lall Bahadur was compelled to leave the Durbar service and resigned form service in 1919. In accordance with his active nature Lall Bahadur Pradhan was not satisfied with the management of his family estates. He planned the expansion of his activities on officer was felt. The Maharaja other frontiers and established the requested the political officer for first citrus nurseries in the State. Selection of an able person and He breathed his last in on his recommendation the 1934 at the early age of 46. At the time of his death he was survived by his wife, for sons, two daughters and five brothers. Other members of the family had also valuable service to this place.

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