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Gorkhapedia is the first of its kind free for all to view, free for all to create and free for all to edit encyclopedia specially dedicated towards the study, research and documentation of Gorkhas.

I came up with an idea of creating a Wikipedia styled encyclopedia on Gorkhas when Ms Jyoti Thapa Mani, Design Director, Business World, during a discussion at The Himalayan Beacon decided to initiate Save The Gorkhas Campaign. The Save The Gorkhas Campaign was initiated to help in the study of Gorkha personalities through Gorkha History. More than 500 comments were made to the Save The Gorkhas Campaign. The sheer number of information that was collected was simply mind boggling. However, since The Himalayan Beacon is essentially a Community News Blog, there was not much that could be done to categorize and document the information. There was also no way in which the Save The Gorkha Campaign could be given a continued eminence in the site. Thus, a definite necessity grew of a system which could be used in the study, research and documentation of such information that is gathered throughout the world. Gorkhapedia is such a system and as such intends to pursue the objective of being the de-facto Community driven Free Gorkha Encyclopedia in the world where visitors can not just surf through the information available, they can also edit the said information and create new pages on the information if the 'sought after' information is not available. Visitors can now also embed audio, video and photos and pictures as they deem fit and interact with one another through the numerous integrated discussion forums available.

So welcome once again to the exciting and growing world of Gorkhapedia, the free Gorkha Encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Founder - Gorkhapedia
Barun Roy

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